Hringbraut 12, 107 Reykjavík
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In Iceland everything is a bit offbeat, a bit unexpected. We like to set our own trends and follow our own formulas. We’ve never been particularly good at being told how things should be done. Ask us for a burger with fries and you will find the fries on the burger itself, sandwiched between the bread. We are bold and like to go our own way. We can seem a bit quirky at times, a bit odd even, since our men knit and our women rule the country. We are ahead of time. But mostly, we don’t like the concept of time. ODDSSON encapsulates this way of thinking. It is bright, positive and inspirational. It has an innately honest atmosphere. Life at ODDSSON will exist in its own time. There is no emphasis on rushing from point A to point B. If the elevator is slow, then it’s slow. But guests will enjoy the best elevator music in the world during the ride. ODDSSON is a unique entity in the arena of global ho(s)tel establishments. The brand has its distinctive voice in the combination of local characteristics and world-class design masterpieces. In short, ODDSSON is a place where design, art, and cuisine merge with the borderless ideals of hospitality and comfort.

In a nutshell, the concept behind ODDSSON is contrast—taking different extremes and mixing them together. As weird as it sounds, one of our inspirations is the atmosphere of an airport: a space for diverse encounters where time seems to pass slowly. Guests at ODDSSON might have a small room or a large one, a small shower cubicle or a private one, but the luxury is in the details; the bed linen, the art on the walls and not to mention the choice of beers. ODDSSON has a small but stylish studio that will attract yogis, ping pongers and body builders. After your workout treat yourself in our hot tub on the rooftop. We are all about diversity; we bring together like-minded people through shared interests and sheer passion for good times. Thrifty people with expensive tastes will feel at home at ODDSSON.

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